About the Artist

Samantha Bell-Koch is an artist/designer from North Carolina. She was majoring in Interactive Game Design at Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta,but transfered to the University of Toledo to Major in Visual Art, and has recently graduated. She has helped designed art for several original games, as well as worked to make User Interface Designs.

Artist Statement

Art has always been my preferred language. I grew up awestruck with everything around me; whether it was observing the way the muscles move in an arm, how shadows played on the back of the deer in the forest, or watching a mantis snatch a wasp straight out of the air. Most of my work is inspired by personal struggles and victories, and is influenced by my belief in a God who will never change. When I  think about the Universe and it's infinite expanse and I think of Him who gave me breath, and how he designed each and every particle of my being, every grain of sand, every atom of every planet and star. When I think about the fact I am connected to the ultimate artist, and the greatest designer, I feel so inspired to create. I do not wish to make art simply for myself, but to glorify God through the exercising of the gifts He has given me. To create a work is to transfer your soul into a form that others can see. The process is the most important part for me because of this. Art, like life, is not simple, but messy, uncertain, and is sometimes a struggle. But when you push through to the end, beauty can appear out of the ashes.

What I DO

My work is mostly illustrative, and my preferred medias are acrylics, ball-point pens, and also digital work. The art I create is very stylized, and often surreal. I take concepts (such as faith, trust, worship, and struggle) that are considered abstract in that they have no tangible forms, to create works that are intriguing. My pieces are my emotional and spiritual journal when I cannot explain myself with words.

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